Illustrator | Web UI/UX.

"I spend hours and hours doodling, coding, learning, creating because it keeps me happy. That's just how it's always been for me since I started to sketch the cars that came in and out of my dad's autobody shop. It made me happy.

The interest in the comic book world and the artists that brought each characters to life in our heads from cover to cover grew in time and I started to draw just about everyone in the Batman universe, then made my way over to the X-Men, thanks to Wolverine when he said: 'I'm the best at what I do but what I do isn't very nice...' and in that very moment, he became my all time favorite comic book character.

Now, in my thirties, my skills continue to grow and will keep putting them to good use to the best of my abilities.

Just another artist on the web." Obed Raimundo


I'm currently not available for commission requests.

If you’re looking for his original artwork for sale please stay tuned as I will be putting up a shop shortly.

You can reach me through these social network sites: