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About Obed Raimundo

Who am I?

Being a creative has opened so many opportunities to be part of really great projects that have taken me to many places all over the world to work with other amazing creatives and clients in varying industries. Not one to back down from most outrageous projects, I managed to find my way into designing a world record setting lenticular wall during my time at Mario Barth’s Starlight Tattoo.

Since 2013, I’ve been at Seton Hall University where my knowledge and experience in UI & UX is utilized and constantly growing with every new project.

I’ve learned so much and have taken part in many projects I never thought I would’ve, thanks to my position, challenges and goals my time at SHU has presented me with.

What do I do?

Web Development

As someone that focuses on mobile first, all my code is meant to be responsive and be used on all devices. Your next project will function as it should no matter if it’s on your phone, tablet or computer.

Web Design

A responsive site needs responsive ui/ux design that will not only look great, but will also help guide your visitors all through your brand new website. Ready for your new online identity?

Graphic Design

With my background and years in the business, I will produce what you’re looking for. No matter the size (from a logo to billboard and anything in between), I’ve seen and done it all and can’t wait to create something for you!

UI / UX Web Development
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First we talk about what your plans are and familiarize myself with your vision and the purpose of the project.


Secondly, I come up with at least 3 visuals for you to choose from. We speak about any possible changes, functionality, etc…


The fun part is when I take what we agree on and make it functional. This is when you’ll be able to have a live demo. 


Lastly, after all the testing and generating the remaining pieces, you’ll receive the final build of the project. Subject to possible revisions as deemed fit.

New York, New Jersey &

An advantage to being a commuter that finds himself in these three places is that I get to see real life users interacting with the type of apps and website I work with on a daily basis.

This is why “Mobile First” is my priority and why I do my best to keep up with the latest in technology. I want to be able to provide any and all content the user needs with ease of use as fast as possible in places they frequent the most and that includes on their commute to and from work.

This is why it’s important to me to work and test with these:

Secaucus Morning Rush

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