I Met Jake Parker!

I Met Jake Parker!

So there we were, walking around New York a little bummed out that I couldn’t make it to the NYC Comic Con of 2018.

My friends and I were looking for something to eat after a long day of commuting and visiting but we just couldn’t settle.

For some reason, I decided to look at my IG’s timeline and saw that there was an invite only Inktober get together, which added to the way I was feeling about not being able to attend the convention.

My friends and I took a random turn and passed a glass window to a seemingly “empty” restaurant, so we didn’t pay much mind to it yet something told my brain to go back and take a look at something my eyes caught when I wasn’t looking.


“Oh shit! IT’S JAKE FLIPPIN’ PARKER!” but of course, it was invite only and we just walked away.

Looking to find a place to hang for a while, we ended up at the local Barcade to grab a few beers and play some good ol’ video games to pass the time.

As I walk in, I look over to the Street Fighter arcade near me and couldn’t help but notice who was playing, FLIPPIN’ JAKE PARKER! HA!

As a fan of what he’s done with Inktober and the welcomed challenge it poses every October that pushes me to create every day for that month, I really just wanted to simply say “thank you for Inktober” and I got to.

Jake is honestly one of the nicest artists I’ve met in a long time and hope to run into him again someday so I can thank him again for being welcoming and for Inktober.