I really can’t believe I finally got one! A freakin’ Boosted Board is in my possession and I really couldn’t be much happier than when I’m cruising around town or my job’s campus grounds.

If this was a review, I’d tell ya about how easy it was to get used to riding it around with the very little experience I’ve had on long boards. The ride is smooth, speedy and if you’re careful enough, really REALLY safe.

I’ve always been interested in electric vehicles (cars, scooters, skateboards, etc…) to get around town and not have to rely on either a ride, uber/lyft or hopping in the car just to get a few things from the nearby market that can fit all in my backpack.

The real down side to the experience has been the weight and my commute. It can be a bit of a pain to drag it around two trains (each way) and two train stations that really don’t allow any wheeled THING to be ridden around, even when there’s no one around.

I’ve sadly returned it but only to replace it with one of the mini boards or even their new electric scooter, which is all types of awesome!

In any rate, if you can, get yourself one and stop being part of the traffic problem in your neighborhood. It’s honestly a pretty freeing experience when you’re at a constant speed!