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At a glance

Based in Bergen County, NJ, The L&N Builders Group and over 25 years of experience in the field with big names like Lowes, it was time for them to have their place on the web where new and existing customers could get as much information as they need.

From a quickly approved wireframe to a working mockup, the project’s first phase was realized almost immediately.

In all reality, the end product will need to be completed in phases to better suit the need and the time crunch presented to us with their growth and expansion.

The idea

The first phase was to simply get a one-page site that would provide some examples of their work, customer reviews and a way for customers to contact their sales reps.

Phase 1:

  • Large hero featuring logo, tools and hardwood flooring.
  • Small copy of the company and history.
  • Collect as many images displaying their latest work.
    (More to come in phase 2)
  • Create a call to action.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Map of their location in New Jersey and Contact Form.

Phase 2:

  • Build a complete and easy to update showcase of their work.
  • Add custom e-commerce to help plan future customer projects.
  • Additional pages that explain their process, best practices, sales and customer service, etc…

Phase 3:

  • Ultimately build an internal only use service for sales and customer service reps, construction staff, etc…
  • Possibly design an employee only app to better help onsite crew.

Stay tuned

This is a fun and easy flowing project that will result in something incredible in the long run.

You can visit: https://l-ngroup.com/

Obed Raimundo

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Where am I?

I'm currently in New Jersey, but you can find me in New York and Philadelphia as well. I'm open for relocation and/or remote work.