Obed Raimundo


A proposed redesign

Why the redesign?

While working remotely, there was more time to go over the university’s website and have some wild ideas. One of them being a simple restructuring of the login/user authentication.

The core of the redesign is “mobile first” and having everything easily reached with the way we hold our phones with one hand.

You can test run it here


Here’s another idea I thought of prior to one above in an attempt to keep it as minimal as possible showing three different stages.

  • Simplified the current design by removing unnecessary content.
  • Added a gradient color overlay and blur effect to the background image when on mobile.
  • updated the look of of the fields and button.
  • Usage of white logos instead of the “Shu Blue.”
  • All extra content is found by tapping on “Need Help?” on the lower right corner.

Current state of PirateNet

A fully functional login/user authentication with all the bells and whistles one could ever think of when arriving at such a page.

Click image to enlarge.

Obed Raimundo

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Where am I?

I'm currently in New Jersey, but you can find me in New York and Philadelphia as well. I'm open for relocation and/or remote work.