Obed Raimundo

Seton Hall university

UI/UX Designer & Developer
Feb 2013 – Present

Seton Hall University

From temp to full time!

Originally hired as a temp to help correct any and all touch controls for both tablet and phones to becoming part of the cross functioning team as UI/UX Designer & Developer for 8 years now. Two complete site-wide redesigns and new direction with mobile first in mind, we’ve managed to build a more user friendly university experience.

A more fluid design

On your phone

How it started

Upon hire, Seton Hall was in the process of a redesign which had touch control issues for tablets and mobile and has since evolved into much more.

Old Shu 001

Seton Hall University before my time.

The first redesign since my employment.

IT Department Redesign

The original content has been repurposed into the new (proposed) layout in a way that doesn’t look so text heavy and visually pleasing in comparison.

Search bar is now smaller and uses SHU’s orange and image of student to catch the eye of the user/s.

Condensed the list of services into two columns.

Replaced the Twitter widget with a full width container with background image of the app being used on a phone and call to action.

Moved and contained the “Projects and Planning Services” and “Information Technology Security Services” into their own callout boxes.

Lastly, moved the “Upcoming Events” section, adjusted the font sizes and placed each event in their own callout boxes.


Seton Hall’s graphic standards manual is a resource for all members of the University community and the vendors who work with the University.

It was designed to ensure consistent and appropriate use of the University’s web style standards. The guidelines included represent of the University guidelines related to any and all graphic representation of Seton Hall University on the web.

Obed Raimundo

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Where am I?

I'm currently in New Jersey, but you can find me in New York and Philadelphia as well. I'm open for relocation and/or remote work.