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Seton Hall University: IT Homepage Redesign

When asked to come up with a new look for the Seton Hall University’s IT homepage, I was given freedom to make whatever I wanted as long as it kept it clean and the same information was present.

Final Mock-Up
SHU IT Homepage
Old Design
What was done:
  • Rebuilt the search block by splitting it into two columns. Left to contain the text and search bar and stock student image to the right.
  • Moved the “Updates” from the bottom and limited it to the newest 3 posts.
  • Added a call to action for their Twitter account instead of having a feed present.
  • Repurposed the content found in “Project and Planning Services” and “Information Technology Security Services” into two columns instead of paragraphs.
  • Added “Upcoming Events” in case they’d like to separate them and connect it to the calendar.
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