Obed Raimundo

WashingTown Laundromat

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Was approached by the owner of a local laundromat to redesign their website but to keep it light weight and straight to the point in order to focus on their usage of their laundry app.

If you’d like to view the end product: https://washingtownlaundry.com/

What was done

  • Set up a one page layout.
  • Larger logo with immediate mention of app.
  • SVG graphics to show some “flow of water.”
  • Customer using app.
  • Reuse available location images.
  • Customer authentication for services provided by laundromat.
  • User reviews.
  • Business information (phone, location, hours) with Google maps.
WashingTown Laundromat

Obed Raimundo

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Where am I?

I'm currently in New Jersey, but you can find me in New York and Philadelphia as well. I'm open for relocation and/or remote work.